Tour in Northern Greece



Fly & Drive




8 days / approx.1.000 km


Edessa, Kastoria, Kavala, Thessaloniki


Tour in Northern Greece

8 days / approx.. 1.000 km        

Day 1: Arrival in Thessaloniki

The client will arrive at Athens’ airport, receive its car and drive to the hotel in the center of Athens city.

Day 2: Thessaloniki to Edessa (140 km)

Take a small tour in the center of Thessaloniki, early in the morning before the moment where the traffic will disturb you. Then leave towards the archeological site of Vergina to visit royal tomb. Then make a short stop in Veria for a lunch and travel to Edessa before sunset in order to better observe the waterfalls. Overnight in Edessa.

Day 3: Edessa to Kastoria (100 km)

In the morning, take the road towards the city of Kastoria, which was an important town in the Byzantine ages. Once the client arrives in Kastoria, they can stroll in the city, visit some of the oldest churches in town and make a small walk across the lake. Overnight in Kastoria.

Day 4: Kastoria to Florina via Prespes’ lake (115 km)

Discover one of the places with the outmost of the natural beauty in Greece. These are the famous Prespes’ lake. After your visit, take a walk Agios Germanos village for a short lunch break. Then drive to Florina for reaching your hotel. Overnight in Florina.


Day 5: Florina to Thessaloniki via Pella (180 km)

During your trip to Thessaloniki, take a short break to visit the archeological museum of Pella, where the client will be introduced to the history of Alexander the Great. Once you arrival in Thessaloniki, take a moment to visit the old castles named in Greek, Kastra. Overnight in Thessaloniki.

Day 6: Thessaloniki to Kavala (180 km)

On this day of the road-trip, the client will drive in the eastern part of Macedonia towards the city of Kavala. Before reaching the city of Kavala make a diversion to the archeological site of Philippi. In the ancient ages the city of Philipi was a crossover for all people travelling from the east to the west and vice versa. Once you arrive in Kavala, pick up your room in the hotel and take a short walk to get a first idea of this beautiful city.  Overnight in Kavala.

Day 7: Kavala

Free day in Kavala or the client could take the chance to take the ferry to Thassos and discover the hidden beauty of this island and spend some time in the sandy beaches with the crystal clear water. Overnight in Kavala.

Day 8: Kavala to Thessaloniki (airport)

Drop off the car on the meeting point that the company will direct you. End of our services.

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