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The Capital Of Macedonia

The capital of Macedonia, built at the edge of a beautiful bay, the Gulf of Thermaic, is now the second largest city in Greece. Since its founding in 315 BC. Thessalonici was important due to its position as the crossroads of connection between East and West.

The second capital of Greece (one million inhabitants) offers a stunning contrast between its new quarters on the seafront, with its Roman, Byzantine ruins, and its neighborhoods with houses painted in bright colors, giving an oriental aspect of the city.

Thessalonici is also a city rich in monuments of all eras – including an exceptional collection of Byzantine churches – near the main historical centers Macedonia Pella, Vergina and Dion. It has a noble and mysterious character which seduce each visitor.

Discover its churches, museums, the large market, the path to the oriental universe. A city of contrasts, a rich city, full of life, nightclubs preserving at the same time antithesis of the city museum.

Top Atrractions:

  • The White Tower, transformed into museum, it is situated on the waterfront of the city. It dates from the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. 
  • Aristotelous Square – The animated town square, ornated with modern buildings, cafes, designer shops.
  • The Cathedral of St Dimitri – The Greek Orthodox church of the patron Saint of the city built in 1948.
  • St. Sophia – One of the oldest churches of Thessaloniki which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Rotonde – The oldest Christian church in the world.
  • Ano Poli – Old district with a unique traditional style.
  • Ladadika – Traditional neighborhood animated with bars and restaurants.
  • The Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki – it exhibits various collections dating for some parts to a time before the establishment of the Byzantine Empire.

How to reach Thessalonici

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