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Iliades Diakopes

Iliades Diakopes -Skyros

It is perhaps not the first island that comes to mind for your holiday but it is the most beautiful of Greece and is a well hidden secret.

Skyros is an island of incredible beauty, and this is most important , but also quieter, islands of the Sporades. Typical traditional Greek island, with hospitable people and beautiful surroundings which will delight you .

Skyros has its own character with its peculiarities as the little horse you will not find anywhere else (and that seems to have escaped from the Parthenon frieze), original furniture and ceramic sculptures, lobster at will, fresh and cheap, which decorate your dish, trails that reveal the two faces of the island ( the rocky side and the forests ), beaches for all tastes and a city that every night offers plenty of entertainment

Top Attractions

  • The pony of Skyros You’ll see them gallop freely on the set of Ari, or grazing on farms.
  • The streets of Chora Facing the Aegean Sea, the Chora (the name given to the capitals of Cyclades) was built on the castle hill. At the top, the monastery of Aghios Georghios. Walk in Hora and discover homes that appear to be linked with jasmine in the alleys.
  • Magazia beach the famous sandy beach of Skyros.
  • Other beaches as Kyra Panagia, Atsitsa, Aghios Petros, Agalipa ideal for swimming.
  • The fungus on the rock of the mid Pouria strange landscape, just at the place where there was a quarry in ancient times to admire the rare phenomenon of a rock which “pushes” of the earth: the”Mushroom”.
  • The full moon at  Magazia Be enchanted by the magical light of the full moon of August, on the pedestrian road along the beach of Magazia.
  • The lobster of Skyros Choose the best and enjoy it at the moment.

How to reach Skyros

International flight to Athens + domestic flight to Skyros. Or International flight to Athens + coach to Evia island and boat crossing to Skyros island.

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