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Iliades Diakopes

Iliades Diakopes -Evia island

North of Athens close to the continent is the second largest island after Crete, Evia ! A vast land of contrasting landscapes and beautiful crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea: wooded hills, coastal plains, beautiful sandy beaches … its traditional villages and beautiful resorts welcome you with open arms.

Top Attractions

  • Chalkida the capital of Evia is known for its countryside, its sources and its beautiful beaches. The Euripe 939m.q channel width) that separates the island from the mainland. It straddles a bridge that opens at certain times to let boats through.
  • Eretria Seaside resort known for its treasures of museum and its archaeological site.
  • Kymi with its port which connects the Sporades, his Sotira Monastery with its superb sea views. You will find beautiful beaches in the calm water.
  • Loutra of Edipsos waters of Edipsos be deemed since ancient times for their richness in mineral salts and radon, treat almost everything !!
  • Limni The place of marriage of Zeus and Hera. Known for its monastery of Aghios Nikolaos founded at VIIth century on the ruins of a temple of Poseidon.
  • A village Rovies appreciated by vacationers especially for its long beach and the Monastery of Ossios David dating from the sixteenth century.
  • Prokopion Celebre to the Basilica of Aghios Ioannis Rossos and for its delicious honey.

How to reach Evia island

International flight to Athens + coach transfer to Evia island

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